Stephens Engineering
A Concept Car Company
At Stephens Engineering; true heroes of the road are born, dawning a new era of concept vehicles whose design and performance capture the true excitement and spirit of driving.

Purple – Our color
Purple and teal (and sometimes blue) are the colors of Stephens Engineering.

Project Feed:
Complete College at Florida Polytechnic University – august 2015 to 2018. 
Finishing up these last few years of school at Florida’s newest STEM-based university.

Ride-on Drink cooler (TranZilla) – Resume date Nov 11, 2015
Earlier in 2014 I’ve acquired some rather expensive PMW motor controllers and dual >500 watt motors with gearboxes for the TranZilla. I also remade most of the chassis to accommodate these huge motors, chopped off extra steel that was from the old chassis, and welded on a wheelie bar. I had a mockup wiring system to test the motors, and with a curb climb from a standstill, was able to calculate 62ft/lbs of torque going into the rear wheels. I’ve had issues getting the PMW controllers working properly. I currently need to solder all new connections, create a 0-5k ohm custom throttle device, fix some paint spots that have not been painted yet, and it should be ready to roll.

1984 Monte Carlo SS Electrical System Automation – start date unknown
Big plans for this one, Smartphone / remote controlled Automation system for the electrical system in my 1984 Monte Carlo. The system will sense when you are nearby, be able to have control over all electrical aspects of the car, the ability to integrate with alarm systems or ECU’s, sense errors in the electrical system or components, and will sense unauthorized access. Some redone aspects of the car will include microprocessor controlled window motors, fuel pump, engine starting and stopping, Air conditioning control, and interior lighting. This system will also monitor all exterior lighting of the car.

Additional goodies will include ball bearing window motors with “bulletproof” Housings and all steel rotating parts. Nobody likes when a window motor goes out and replacements that are sub-par quality, so I’m eliminating this issue. I’d also like to include a hopped-up A/C blower motor for those really hot Florida days.

STS, Stephens Engineering Emblem