Some of my favorite projects

The Acrylic Powerbox II

The Acrylic Powerbox is an amplifier radio housed in blue 2424 acrylic. The casing is held together with acrylic glue. The casing is lit up with LED automotive lights. Sound quality is outstanding, no annoying drones or rattles even though the casing is brittle acrylic. Possible upgrades are wireless music playback, subwoofer, USB output and on-board music storage.

TranZilla I & II

The TranZilla was built in early 2008 and has been through a huge amount amount of repairs and design changes. The base design was made from my old gas powered scooter. The motor was a 300w brushed electric scooter motor, and the cooler is removable and you can insert a boombox that has an AUX input. The boombox also has strobe lights on the outside and on the inside, so the light shines through the logo on the boombox. The cooler was lacking attention and motor strength around 2014, and that’s when I found someone selling some new electronic components.

Earlier in 2014 I acquired some rather expensive PMW motor controllers and dual >500 watt motors with gearboxes for the TranZilla. I also remade most of the chassis to accommodate these huge motors, chopped off extra steel that was from the old chassis, and welded on a wheelie bar. I had a mockup wiring system to test the motors, and with a curb climb from a standstill, was able to calculate 62ft/lbs of torque going into the rear wheels. I’ve had issues getting the PMW controllers working properly. I currently need to solder all new connections, create a 0-5k ohm custom throttle device, fix some paint spots that have not been painted yet, and it should be ready to roll.

Misc Projects and Fabrication

5.5 HP Minibike

This was one of my first real projects that I started when I was only 15 Years old. It started as a kit, One of my first additions was a spring loaded chain tensioner which saw a multitude of redesigns, then a sprocket guard to keep the chain on even better (Still kept falling off), Dual disc brakes, then a jackshaft for a doubled down higher gear ratio for torque, then rear suspension. Just after adding the jackshaft, one 3 hour ride tore up my #35 chain entirely, so it was upgraded to #40 and has been holding up since.